Ever have that feeling like you just can’t catch up on whatever it is you have going on in your life? It’s a vicious circle for me, that never ends. I feel that “Pardon the Mess” has become my unintentional catch phrase lately. If I have guests over the house, I find myself apologizing for […]


“Ordinary girl, living in an ordinary world.”

The dog understands me

Often we find ourselves as just ordinary people, with no real connection or reason to who we are or where we are heading. If this does not pertain to you, then congratulations. Maybe you can help me out?

So another “mom” blog post, right? Kind of, sort of, not really. This is a Mom blog post to reach out to all of you who share similar challenges and celebrations. This is a blog to lift us moms up and adjust our crowns when they need adjusting. I am not someone with a huge circle of friends, something I don’t like to admit. I’m not the girl heading out the door meeting my friends for brunch and mimosas, while my children go fishing with dad. I am not the PTO mom, I am not the perfect house mom, I am not the perfect wife mom. So what I am getting to? For our mental sanity, I need to rant sometimes, who doesn’t? I invite you not so perfect moms living in an ordinary world, to share how you make it though the day, the week, the month, the year. Let’s call ourselves real moms.

I like you to know, you are not alone. I will offer insights, experiences, hacks, and a shoulder to lean on while hopefully building a community where we can support eachother if you need a “tribe.” And….as a bonus, my husband who is a career chef MIGHT with a little bribery, share some different but easy recipes with me that I can offer. Again, I’m not the perfect cook mom either. Thank God for him.

Who am I? Not sure. Mom of 2 beautiful and funny girls, ages 8 and 10. A teacher. A fur mom to my big lump of a dog Otis. I take care of my elderly mom some days, neglecting to take care of my husband other days. Somewhere along the way up to hitting 43 years young, I lost my identity. I’m just ordinary. Not that I ever was exciting like Paris Hilton exciting, but things were different. Is there more to me, or to us than being ordinary?

Now things are a mess. I am always busy. There’s no time to put my self back together, there’s little time to put my house together, little time to make sure my girls are put togther. So pardon the mess. Here’s hoping to reach out to some of you who may feel the same.

Full Disclosure: This is not a self help, this is a “let’s laugh at ourselves because who else can we laugh at?” blog.

P.S. Dads, you’re included in this too. Just substitute the word mom with dad. 🙂