The Reviews Are In!

I feel like the spokesperson for that Neutragena commercial where they talk about the “wrinkle cream graveyard.” There’s probably $200 worth of product in the photo above. Some work, some don’t, some are…ehh, ok.

You know we all have 5 mascaras that promise longer fuller lashes. We have shampoos that say we’ll have hair like a Pantene model. Weightloss products that don’t help us lose a pound. And anti-aging creams or serums are a joke. Let’s face it (no pun intended), I’ve tried everything between the $20 cream and the $100 cream. You know what works best?…..BOTOX. I actually did like this cream I was using for a while but it was quite pricey. I couldn’t keep up with it.

The purpose of this page is to save you time and money. I’ll be sharing different products that I love and are worth pulling out your wallet for. You welcome. I do not get paid for this, there are no affiliated links. Just my honest and real opinion. 🙂

Dirty Girl

I picked up this find at Marshall’s of all places, one of my favorite stores. I was thinking of getting a professional scrubdown at a spa to get rid of dead skin, but I opted for the $6 DIY plan instead. If you ever come across this, grab it! I have been using the salt scrub since early this year. Initially, I was just using a regular wash cloth. The other day, I splurged on the $4 exfoliating shower gloves. Check the glove out. Isn’t it gross? This is what’s on our bodies! Eww. It definitely got rid of dead, sun damaged skin, and left it super soft and smooth. I was shocked and totally wasn’t expecting to see all that residue. Was I always this dirty?

Pros: Cheap, smells nice. Cons: The salt is very coarse, and very abrasive. It may hurt if you are a rough scrubber like me.

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