The Terrible Tweens

It’s here and I’m totally not prepared. I used to read many of the “What to Expect When……” books. Not sure if they have one of those books for the phase I am about to embark, because my heart in sinking over here. This is 10. This is what 10 looks like. Where did my giggly lego loving, cupcake smashing, tiny dancer go?

She’s getting GRANDE

She went from watching Sophia the First and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to making TikTok videos and Roblox addict over night. She’s picking on her sister more than usual, wanting to spend more time with her friends than with her parents, and begging to get her hair dyed. (not happening by the way). I wished I had paid more attention. I regret wishing the sleepless nights away. I regret not wanting to carry the dreaded diaper bag around any longer than I had to, or pushing her to potty train sooner than later. I would give anything to change her diaper and squeeze that cute little tush again. She still lets me squeeze it, but it’s not the same. Now I am on the cusp of being that embarrassing mom. Who me? Nah!

Now I can’t even dress her.

Is this what they call the Tween Years? Slightly moody, closes her door now when she’s in her room, emotional, messy, and always wants Starbucks? Sigh.

Bittersweet I convince myself. It’s rewarding to see her grow into the young lady I’m teaching her to be, but it hurts. I never imagined a day she would be this tall, this vocal, and this complex. I knew it was inevitable, but I thought I had more time.

Love you to the moon and back bella bean.

Best Day of My Life

PS Moms and Dads, don’t wish the days away. I know they are tough, but one day it will be tougher. 💔

💜 LR

2 thoughts on “The Terrible Tweens

  1. Ann Toolan

    You are right, Lisa. You have to let them have small freedoms and then as they want bigger, they have to know that those are earned freedoms and along with them comes responsibility.

    That’s how they learn that there’s always price for everything.


    1. Lisa Ricci

      Thanks for always reading my posts. Yes. We certainly are getting better at having responsibilities around the home. I still
      Think of them as babies which is why they get away with everything. But definitely getting better


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