Surviving: Parents and School During A Pandemic

Me talking to myself: Is it the first day of school or is it not? Does the first day of distance learning count as the first day of school? Do I still take the cute picture of them holding up a sign? So my daughter has school tomorrow but now she doesn’t? Oh!! Her teachers were around someone with Covid? So now she has to stay home and learn on a computer, with a substitute? Wonderful. Hope the teacher is okay by the way. Soooo…..what am I supposed to do with her if I have to work? And my other kid? That’s right, I drop her off at 9:20, not 9:10. 9:10 is set aside for the upper grade levels. But I have to be in work 20 minutes away by 9:30. She has school on Wednesday and Thursday, but not on Friday? Friday all students will have distance learning. Are busses arriving on time or not? Wait, what? They have to leave the windows open on the bus in this weather? No wonder kids are getting sent home to take a Covid test for a sniffle. Hmmmmm? Wait, dismissal time changed too? As I check my emails to confirm. The teacher wants how many tubs of disinfecting wipes?! I’m sorry but I think I’ll have a better shot at finding Hoffa then wipes.

I am telling you I feel like I am in Bizzaro World. Up is down, down is up. Night is day, day is night. I am one stop short of admitting myself into an institution. Or at least isolate myself in a hotel room with a can of Diet Coke to quote the great Tina Fay. I’m just trying to survive at this point. It’s no wonder people are not choosing to go back to work. It just makes sense to stay home and collect benefits, or just work from home, especially when you have kids. Or quit entirely. Some are not fortunate to have grandparents or sitters that can take them everyday. My mom will not come within a mile radius of my home, especially because I am a teacher myself. Who knows what I’m brigning home. Anything but lice please. I think I’d prefer the virus over lice any day. Terribe, right?

Point being, schools have had since March to figure this out. That is 6 months. That is half a year. That is approximately 183 days. At who’s expense? All to revive the economy while leaving parents and families in the most awkward position. Some of us, not mentioning any names here, having to leave our kids home alone in order to keep our jobs and earn a paycheck. Some of us are trying to keep our heads above water. And there is no life saver to help us. Cue the sharks circling around us. Here’s to the parents out there just trying to survive.

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