If A Parent Falls In the Forest And No One Is There To Hear Them, Do They Pick Themselves Back Up?

As we enter Phase 2 of these unprecedented times, this couldn’t be a better time than ever to be kind, especially to us parents. As we are losing our patience during this pandemic, better yet, losing our shit as I like to call it, we are being led to this forcefield of complete apathy. It’s an easy habit to fall into with everything going on in the world.

What is Phase 2 you dare ask? Phase 2 has been the two trecherous months of getting your kids back to school, working around the clock, and balancing the household duties while attempting to have some sort of social life.

It’s setting an alarm only to snooze it a few times so that you are completely alarmed and awake when you finally realize you had to be in work 10 minutes ago. It’s having to pack two lunch boxes with two different types of lunches to satisfy two different palates. It’s getting back to a bedtime routine that they refuse to follow or perhaps I lack structure with. It’s arguing over who is going to take their shower first, so you have to make a shower chart. Yes, that exists in this house. It’s trying to pry the iPads out of their hands to get them to read for 20 minutes. And when they are interupted in the midst of a wild trade in Adopt Me, you better believe there will be hell to pay. It’s screaming like a crazy woman in order to get anyone to listen, because the first 10 times of asking nicely wasn’t getting through to them. It’s wanting to hop in your car and just drive, somewhere, anywhere but here. It’s feeling worthless after screaming at your kids who have also been through so much. It’s the feeling of “Where did I go wrong?” It’s discovering your kid has had a 102 fever for two consecutive days, therefore, you’re hiking it to the emergency room in the middle of the night in order to get a Covid test right away, but nervously waiting at least another two days for results. They haven’t had so much as a sniffle since March, but they’ve been in school barely a week and they’re suddenly sick. Is this going to happen all year? Call out of work, make sub plans that you hope will be followed, and pray your students will survive without you. You begin to feel ill yourself, you get tested, and anxiously wait an additional two days, concocting more sub plans. That’s three, possibly more days now out of work. On a posituve note, there’s finally time to clean the house. That ladies and gentlemen is Phase 2.

So lend a hand to your neighbor. Ask if they need help. It’s not prying, it’s not being intrusive, it’s a welcomed gesture. And if you can’t do that, having empathy for a parent you see struggling may be the best gesture of it’s kind. Because when we’re busy picking everyone else up, who is here for us?

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